What Do I Do After High School?

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

What type of education do I need?

  • Undergraduate bachelor degree, followed by a doctorate of medicine degree at a college
  • Medical school takes 4 years to complete and is split into two parts: two years in classroom time and two years of various clinical rotations

Where should I study?

  • For my first two years I will attend Rouge Community College and will be able to apply for a scholarship to pay for it and I will live at home

Oregon State University

Location: Corvallis Oregon


  • Grade average of 3.0 or better
  • Submission of ACT or ACT
  • Insight resume
  • Application submission

Tuition, fees, and housing: $25,434 each year


  • Oregon Academic Achievement Award
  • Bridge succession Program
  • Nation Merit Scholarship

Number of Students: 30,592

Student-teacher ratio: 19:1

Corvallis, Oregon

Weather: Typically they have all four seasons

Geography: Located an hour from the coast and there are mountains nearby

Fun Things To Do!

How I Will Pay For College

  1. Apply for any scholarships I am eligible for
  2. Have a job while going to school
  3. My parents will help out when they can
  4. The remainder will have to be taken out in student loans

Available Community Volunteer Work

  • Asante High School program