I'm Thankful for YOU!

I've been inspired by kids & their happiness work in ELA!

Dear Jefferson Family

Before I came to Jefferson, I was in one place for a 10 years! Then I spent a whole year not feeling I had a home. Not because of the schools I was working at; it was because I wasn't at one place long enough to feel part of the building.

When I came to Jefferson, that all changed. You have embraced me (and my oddness) and have made me feel at home. You have allowed me into your rooms, and data teams! You've taught me so much and broadened my understanding of adolescents! I've learned so much about science, social studies and yes, MATH! And that is because you have welcomed me.

Thank you! Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with your families and loved ones!

With sincere gratitude,


The Science of Happiness - An Experiment in Gratitude
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