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2021-2022 Synergy Information

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Synergy Information

Synergy is the district's new student information system and will be your source for all of your student's academic information. Synergy's secure mobile app and parent web portal, ParentVUE, will provide information about your student's progress including class grades, attendance, and assessments.


Parents of current CCDS students should have received an activation email with a link to create a ParentVUE account for their student(s). Each email contains a unique code and should not be forwarded or shared. The key will expire 30 days from the date it was sent. Parents will be required to verify current information such as address, phone numbers, emergency contacts. This verification process is taking the place of sending home emergency medical cards for parents to complete. In addition, you will also be able to register new students, such as younger siblings, right from ParentVUE.

If you did not receive your activation email, please contact your child’s school. In most cases, you will be required to email a copy of your government issued photo ID to the school in order to prove identity. Your activation key letter will be emailed to you upon proper identification in order to securely create your account.

Note: It is advisable that each parent creates their own ParentVUE account (i.e. not share one account between the two). Each account contains the same information about your student(s). Additionally, there's no need whatsoever to create a separate ParentVUE portal account for each child (in the event you have multiple children attending (Clay County District Schools). The information for your enrolled child/children is accessible from your one ParentVUE account. Finally, you must activate your ParentVUE web portal account BEFORE using the ParentVUE mobile app.

ParentVUE Information

Click here for additional information on ParentVUE.

Viewing Report Cards

When your ParentVUE or StudentVUE account opens, click on the Report Card tab to see grades for each term and progress periods.

  • Section-based report cards display the period, course title, room name, teacher, and grades (shown in green). A grade legend displays at the bottom of the screen
  • Select “Click here to view report card for Quarter _” (shown in red) to bring up a print view for the report card for the current term or period.

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Secondary Second Quarter and Semester Grades

The Grade Book section of the ParentVUE and StudentVUE app shows additional information now that we are in the second quarter. You will now see the average for Quarter 2 (shown in green) as well as information regarding the Semester Exam that will be taken at the end of the quarter and the Semester Average (shown in yellow). The semester grade will fluctuate through the quarter as the quarter 2 average changes. Currently the semester grade is shown as an average of the quarter 1 and quarter 2 grade. Once the semester exam is given, the grade will be shown next to S1 Exam and the semester grade will be calculated as follows:

45% Quarter 1

45% Quarter 2

10% Semester 1 Exam

= Semester 1 Grade

Example of Secondary Grade Book with Semester Averages

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Switching Between Quarters

To view grades from a different quarter, select the quarter in the upper right corner of the Grade Book and choose the desired quarter from the drop down menu.
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Viewing Test History

When your ParentVUE or StudentVUE account opens, click on the Test History tab on the left. A new screen will appear that shows the student's test history, including the name of the test, the school the student attended when the test was taken, the date the student took the test, and the achievement level the student earned on the test. Please remember that tests were not taken during the Spring of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so you will notice that year missing from test history.

If you have more than one student, click on the student picture in the top left to switch to the next student. Then click on the Test History tab again to view the test history for that student.

Only FSA and EOC scores are currently available. SAT, ACT, and other test scores are in the process of being added and will appear on the Test History screen in the next few weeks.

Spring 2021 FSA/EOC Student Score Reports (paper letters with detailed information regarding your student's scores on the most recent FSA/EOC tests) from the Florida Department of Education have just arrived in the District. These are being sent to schools to be sent home with students. Please be on the lookout for your student to bring home this letter next week.

Example of Test History Screen

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Viewing Schedules

When your ParentVUE or StudentVUE account opens, click on the Schedule tab on the left. A new screen will appear that shows the student's schedule, room numbers of classes, and teacher names with an envelope icon to email teachers using Synergy Mail.

If you have more than one student, click on the student picture in the top left to switch to the next student. Then click on the Schedule tab again to view the schedule for that student.

Example of Secondary Schedule

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Example of Elementary Schedule

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Students should login to the OneClay Portal to access CCDS applications, including Synergy. If a password has expired, the OneClay Portal will prompt the user to update the password. The user will need to enter a new password and retype it as confirmation. Once submitted, that will be the new password. The user will use the new password to login to Google and the OneClay Portal (online resources).

If the student has forgotten their username or password, please contact the student's school for school staff to reset the student's password.

The Synergy StudentVUE mobile application (to download on a mobile device, like a phone) is not currently set-up for CCDS students. The target for the launch of the StudentVUE mobile app is September 13th. Until this date, students will need to access Synergy through the OneClay Portal.

Accessing Synergy - CCDS Students

Click here for directions on how students will access Synergy through the OneClay Portal.

Synergy StudentVUE User Guide

Click here to access the Synergy StudentVUE User Guide.


If you have any questions about your student's schedule, please contact your student's school.