The Strong Family Team

How can your family be more successful as a team?

Norms are the unspoken rules within a family or business the 5 key norms are:

1. People believe that their work is important.

2. Work needs to be personally meaningful.

3. Clear goals and roles need to be defined.

4. Members of a team needs to feel like they can depend on one another.

5. Psychological safety needs to be present.

The last of the norms are the most important and here is how you can aid in developing this state of safety within your home and within your children:

Successful teams are made up of people who are part of a culture that allows them to speak up about anything and are received sensitively when they do so. Your family is no different and neither are your children, receive them with care and without judgement and they too will be able to so within their lives. - Ricardo Ferreira