By: Laurie Halse Anderson

Would you be able to speak up?

Freshman, Melinda Sordino, has a secret that she cannot bear to tell another soul. She was raped at a party and was made an outcast because she called the cops. Now she has to face all her old friends, classmates, and the hardships of high school alone. But all she wants is to speak out and claim justice for the wrong done to her. Speak tells Melinda's story as she journeys through her 9th grade year; attempting to find out who she is on the inside and maybe find the courage to speak.

Could you be the tree?

"But there's a catch-- by the end of the year you must figure out how to make your object say something, express an emotion, speak to every person who looks at it." (Anderson 12).

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So come join the millions of people reading Melinda's story as she learns to put her past traumatic experiences behind and grow.

Awards Include:

~1999 National Book Award

~2000 Printz Award

~2000 ALA Award Best Books for Young Adults

~SCBWI Golden Kite Award for Fiction

~2001 New York Times Paperback Children's Best Seller

~And many more!