Mental Health

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What is Mental Health?

Mental Health refers to the maintenance of positive and successful mental activity.

This includes maintaining productive daily activities and maintaining fulfilling positive relationships with others.

It also includes the successful ability to adapt to change and to cope with stresses.

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Why mental health needs to be addressed in schools

"Schools provide a critical context for shaping children’s self esteem, self efficacy and sense of control over their lives. "

(Stuart, Sun, Patterson and Hardie, 2004)

There is a definite link between emotional well-being and academic achievement, thus schools play an essential role in promoting positive mental health.

Educators can work to promote positive mental health within the school by providing education to students in order to increase protective factors, decrease risk factors, increasing resiliency and decreasing inequities.

FACTS about child mental health

• Approximately one in five children have a mental health problem (Waddell et al., 2002).

• Mental health problems can seriously impair children’s ability to be successful at school and in their relationships with their peers.

• These children are not bad kids, nor are their parents bad parents.

• Mental health problems are treatable.

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