Picture Preamble

The meanings of the six principles

I Principle-To Form a More Perfect Union -Cooperate as a single country

I chose the picture for “more perfect union” because to form a more perfect union means to cooperate as a single country, across the world people shake hands with each other to show an agreement or cooperation. This picture shows the cooperation that this country would need to be a more perfect union.

II Principle- To Establish Justice - Create a court system

- Create a court system

I chose the picture for Establish Justice because to establish justice means to have a court system. In courts today you see a lot of writing (notebook resemblance) to make sure that every important detail is captured. Also one of the signs for justice and equality is a balance scale, and a court system helps with keeping equality. The gable is a representation of the judges that when there is a case the judge is the man to sentence, to decide whether or not the case is constitutional. The books represent knowledge all people in the court system need to be very erudite.