Job Career


Lawyers carry certain responsibilities that include, represent individuals, communicate with a client, conducting research and analysis legal problems, interpreting the laws, presenting facts in writing and verbally, and prepareing and file legal documents. These are some of the many things a lawyer must do. As you can see its not easy and includes many responsibilities.

Education and Training

In order to become a lawyer you must have two important things...
  1. Law degree
  2. Pass a states written bar exam

Working environment

A lawyers working environment is private, they work for the local state and government. 759,800 jobs in 2012 which was 2 years ago numbers may have changed by now. Also 22 percent of lawyers are/were self employed.


  • Median payment:

- 113,530 per year

- 54.48 per hour

  • Top pay:

- 187,200

Career Outlook

Lawyer job opening will raise by 10 percent until 2022, and competitions for jobs will be strong due to the low employment rate.
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