Recycling is Easy!

By: Marissa Caudill

10 Facts and Ways for recycling

1- North Carolinians recycle 85.4 pounds of materials a second. That’s impressive! But we throw away more than 752 pounds of trash a second. That’s almost nine times what we recycle.

2- NC throws away about 270 million dollars worth of recyclable goods each year.

  • 3- Only half of aluminum cans are recycled despite a statewide disposal ban on the material.
  • 4- In 1994, our state had 306 recycling companies. In 2004, we had 532 recycling businesses in North Carolina, a 74 percent rise in only ten years. That means more materials are being recovered, more jobs are being created, and more money is flowing through our economy – all because of recycling!
  • 5- One year of recycling = six years of power
  • 6- Find creative ways to recycle "disposal packages and products".
  • 7- Compost yard clippings and some food scraps.
  • 8- Select products made from recycled material.
  • 9- Recycle your outdated technology.
  • 10- Buy rechargeable batteries.