JSD Year 1 Newsletter

Week Ending Friday 15th November 2013

What have we done this week?


In literacy the children filled in missing words to complete sentences. Some children wrote their own independent sentences too.

The children followed on their work in ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ by Martin Jenkins and looked at the life cycle of a penguin. They ordered pictures of the life cycle and some children added labels too.

In handwriting the children wrote the letters e, n and h.


2D shapes have been the focus for maths this week. The children revised features of common 2D shapes such as edges and corners. They made shapes using coloured paper strips, play-dough, peg boards and elastic boards.

On the iPads they completed subtractions sums within 20 (17 – 4, 15 – 3 etc). They worked in pairs and individually.


This week the children have had dirty feet! They placed their feet into black paint and printed them onto paper. After adding beaks, wings and eyes these ‘footprints’ will make prefect penguins which will be displayed in the Year One corridor. Keep an eye out for it soon.


In I.C.T. this week the children met the Bee-bots. These are programmable moving robots. Before the lessons the children revised directional instructions for example forwards, backward, right and left. You could practise these at home too, “Can you turn left into the kitchen? Which object is on the right hand side in this cupboard” and so forth. The children programmed their Bee-bots with simple instructions ‘move forward, turn right and so forth’ in order to make the Bee-bot move around a grid.


Darkness was the subject for science again this week. The children went on a light walk around the school looking for different sources of light. The drew pictures and listed the various light sources they found. As well as the walk the children had the opportunity to go inside a blackout tent to see what it was like to locate objects without light. This was the focus of a very good discussion on the importance of light.

Fine Motor Skills

In fine motor skills the children used Plasticine, peg and elastic boards to make 2D shapes.


The children began to design their own Antarctic vehicle which could travel across the ice. We looked at various pictures of snow transport and thought about the need for these vehicles. The children will be making a model of their own snow vehicle so please keep the boxes and bottles coming in.

Extra Information

Two new children have joined Year One. Last week D1LW welcomed Val and D1LS have welcomed Jiyan into their class this week. The children have all been busy helping them to settle in.

We hope you have a great weekend.

Kind Regards,

The Year 1 Team