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Mitt Romney's side of the story

You probably won't hear Mitt Romney criticizing Barack Obama for the precarious situation in Iraq following the U.S. troop withdrawal.  Romney has used the word "Iraq" seven times on the trail (usually in the context of military service) while Obama has referenced the country 76 times (often as part of a stump-speech line about keeping his promise to end the war).When Obama announced in October 2011 that all U.S. troops would leave Iraq by the end of the year, Romney lashed out at the president for not securing an "orderly transition in Iraq" and publicizing the recommendations of military commanders.In a Fox News interview two months later, Romney position on Iraq grew murkier. He noted that U.S. troops were "fortunately" withdrawing from Iraq before adding that he would have left a residual force in the country. He followed those comments up by refusing to answer whether he would send U.S. troops back to Iraq as president.

Barackobama's side of the story

When President Obama took office, the U.S. was engaged in two wars and faced terrorist threats at home and abroad.President Obama is committed to strengthening America’s leadership by maintaining a strong military and staying true to our values and ideals.President Obama fulfilled his promise to responsibly and safely bring our troops home from Iraq, and is making sure returning service members have the support they need.