Intellectual Development of Infants

By: Jami Beshears

Keep it Simple and Natural

Keeping it simple and natural is a something that the parents should be doing everyday. Some ways to keep to keep it simple is singing to the baby, cuddling, and changing its diaper.
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Match Experiences to Child's Mental Abilities

Make sure you don't do anything that is to advanced for the baby. You don't want to give a 3 month of flashcards because they won't know how to read them. Somethings that can be used is blocks, trucks, or anything really easy to play with.
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Practice Makes Perfect

The babies have to practice things over to get it stuck in their head. What babies can do over and over is counting things, singing nursery rhymes, and doing patty cake.
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Actively Involve Baby

Never leave a baby in its crib all day. You want to take them to an active environment. Some examples are taking it to a day care, shopping, and going to the grocery store.
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Provide Variety

Never force your child to do something that they don't want to do. If you want your child to play with a certain toy and they don't want to then maybe you can suggest them playing with a different one. Or if you want them to practice walking and they don't want to then maybe you could wait a while before trying again.

Avoid Pushing the Child.

You never want to push a child because they could fall and get really hurt. If you are at the park, you don't want to push the child down the slide. Let them go down by themselves so they know how to do it. Also you don't want to push the baby towards the direction you want it to go. They could fall down the stairs or fall in the hallway.
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