How might the metis population change through the years?


Métis in Canada are a people with their own unique culture, traditions, way of life, collective consciousness and nationhood.

The majority of Métis live in the western provinces and Ontario

The majority (84.9%) of people who identified themselves as Métis lived in either the western provinces or in Ontario. The largest population was in Alberta (96,865) where 21.4% of all Métis in Canada lived. The next largest was in Ontario (86,015), where they represented 19.0% of all Métis. This was followed by 78,830 Métis in Manitoba (17.4%), 69,475 Métis in British Columbia (15.4%) and 52,450 Métis in Saskatchewan or 11.6% of all Métis in Canada.

About 41,000 Métis lived in Quebec, representing 9.1% of all Métis in the country. Moreover, 5.1% of Métis lived in the Atlantic Provinces and about 1% lived in the territories.

Métis represented the largest shares of the total population of the Northwest Territories, followed by Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In the Northwest Territories Métis represented 8.0% of the total population, followed by 6.7% of Manitoba's, and 5.2% of Saskatchewan.

Métis population highest in Winnipeg

One-quarter of Métis in Canada lived in four western census metropolitan areas. Winnipeg had the highest population of Métis, about 46,325, (Figure 1). It was followed by Edmonton with 31,780, Vancouver (18,485) and Calgary (17,040). In addition, 11,520 Métis lived in Saskatoon and 9,980 in Toronto