By: Ethan Jacocks

What is an Architect?

An Architect is someone who designs buildings or other structures.

Who needs the services of an Architect?

People who need to have something built would need an Architect. A builder would need an Architect to make blueprints.

How could we find out what a day in the life of an Architect looks like?

You could work with them or get an internship of some kind.

What type of education does this career require?

A Bachelor of Architecture is required for being an Architect.

Why would someone want to be an Architect?

Because you get to design building that will be used and be around for a long time. Its also fun if your the kind of person that likes to pay attention to detail.

What is the toughest job demand for this career require?

You cant be off on any of the measurements or else you will have to start over or if they go through with the design then the building will be unsafe.
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Building Popsicle Mansion Time Lapse HD

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