December 2nd - 6th


December 2nd: All Grade Levels

Show students the definition (to the right).

Discussion Question:

What do you think of when you hear the word curious or the word curiosity?

December 3rd: All Grade Levels

Watch the short video clip below to prompt a discussion about curiosity.

Discussion Question: What is something that you are very curious about?

December 4th: Kinder - 2nd Grade

Watch the Sesame Street Clip Below with your students.

Discussion Question:

Mr. Buzz is curious about words and likes to collect them...what is something you are curious about?

December 4th: 3rd - 5th Grade

Watch the PBS clip below with your students.

Discussion Question: What are you curious about?

December 5th: All Grade Levels

Show/read students the quote on curiosity.(Right)

Discussion Questions:

3rd - 5th question: Why do you think curiosity is such an important trait for successful individuals?

Kinder - 2nd: What school subject makes you feel most curious? (Teachers will have to facilitate discussion)

December 6th: All Grade Levels

Team Building Idea:

Human Alphabet

You need a large open space for this game. Have students spread out and guide them through a few rounds of forming letters with their bodies. For instance, “Use your body to make a T … now make an O!”

Next, call out a simple short word, such as “so” or “dog.” Students will have to team up to form the word, with each student using their body to form one of the letters. Start with two-letter words, then three, then four. If students want a challenge, come up with a phrase that will take the whole class to complete.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary School