Georgia O'Keeffe

By: Jordyn Riffle

Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe was born on November 15, 1887. She grew up on a farm near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Georgia was the second child of seven.


Georgia studied at an Art Institute in Chicago. She went there in 1905-1906. She also went to Art Students League in New York, and she went there In 1907-1908.


Georgia made over 700 sketches and 150 oil paintings. Georgia has over 500 of her paintings in more than 100 public collections. They are in many different places around the world, Asia, Europe, North America, and Central America.


Georgia's mother was an inspiration when she was a young girl to become an artist. Georgia would look out her window and draw what she saw.

Georgia O'Keeffe's Husband

Georgia O'Keeffe married a photographer named Alfred Stieglitz. Georgia and Alfred exchanged about 25,000 pieces of paper in 1915-1946.


In the 1920's, O'Keeffe was recognized as one of America's most important and successful artist. Georgia O'Keeffe received the U.S. Medal of Freedom in 1977.

Old Age

Georgia suffered from Macular Degeneration and was discouraged by failing eyesight. She painted until she was almost one hundred years old. Georgia O'Keeffe died March 6, 1986 in Santa Fe New Mexico. She died at an age of 98 years old.

Fun Facts

  • Georgia did not liked to be called a woman artist.
  • O'Keeffe did not sign any of her paintings.
  • She was always feeling and tasting things. She even tasted dirt!