Local and Global winds

Local winds

Local winds are winds due to unequal heating of earth's surfaces. Sea breezes and Land breezes are good examples of Local winds. A sea breeze is when cool air from the ocean or sea gets blown to the land and blows up the warm air from the land. Land breezes are the opposite of sea breezes. The cool air from the land blows to the sea, and the sea's warm air comes to the land.

Global Winds

Global Winds are the wind belts around the earth caused by rays of the sun, this causes unequal heating over a large area. At the poles, Polar Easterlies occur, Polar Easterlies are wind belts around the poles that are at 60 degrees latitude, but they have no place to blow except the opposite way of whatever pole they are at. Next come the Prevailing Westerlies, these are another belt of winds that blow the opposite way of the Polar easterlies. Next, there are the Trade Winds, these winds practically trade winds, Trade winds from the south blow north, and trade winds from the north blow south. Finally, there are Doldrums, these winds are winds that are not really winds. They are located by the equator and the people who live there get almost no winds at all.


Other Winds

Prevailing Westerlies

The Prevailing Westerlies are winds that blow toward the Polar Easterlies because of unequal heating. These are winds that blow west to east.

Trade Winds

Trade Winds are winds close the the equator. They are close but not there. These winds blow the opposite direction from where they come from.