New York Yankees

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How The Yankees Where Made

In 1901 is when the Yankees where first made. The Yankees where first called the highlanders but change in 1903 by the press. The Yankees were not oranglley with New York until 1903.

Murders Row

Babe Ruth known as the Murders Row came on the in 1923 in the same year they finally got there own stadium. During that time the Yankees expanded there payroll and recieved a great number of players, They where also trading players with the Redsox.

Hitting Rock Bottom

In 1966 the Yankees had gotten last place. The Yankees couldn't get any new players. During that time a hole bunch of the team mates retried so it was a relay small team. Magnate George steinbrenner bought the Yankees franchise and began rebuilding.

Win Win Win!!!!! :):):):):);)

1976 the Yankees topped all AL eastern division. But in 1981 the Yankees lost the world series. In 1996 Jeter and Panamanin got them on there feet again and so they were playing playoff again.for the last 8 year they had been winning the playoff. They had won the world sersies in 2009. Later they have gotten the Japanese legend Hideki Matsui.
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The New York Yankees

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History of Old Yankee Stadium