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December 20, 2019

Play the video below (music) while you read the news letter. It makes the whole thing more enjoyable.

Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental)


Congratulations to all of you! We made it through tacky sweaters, ridiculous holiday accessories that all seemed to blink and jingle (at the same time!), a day of PJs in all their odd sleeping patterns, and snowmen---geesh we can't forget the snowmen! This is also not mentioning the abundance of treats, cake pops, chocolate, and Chex Mix that have been part of our week. We may be a bit more sluggish and I'm willing to be tired, but we at that light at the end of the tunnel with break on the other side. Great job to everyone for all the work you put in this week to keep it together for our kids. Some fantastic school memories were made this week and Leigh Anne and I appreciate you all for doing that.

I hope you each have a fantastic break. I hope you get to sleep late, binge watch that show you've been putting off because of time, read that book you been saving, and catch that moving you been dying to see. I hope you enjoy the wonder of the season with those who you love the most and for any of you with family visiting that you might not love the most....may there be enough eggnog to get you through.

I look forward to being away myself and then catching up with you in 2020 as we continue to make great things happen here at Lincoln for our kids!


A professional learning session, Understanding Math Strategies - Teaching Assistants, is scheduled on Thursday, January 9 (12:30-2:30) and Friday, January 10 (9:00-11:00) in the Tennessee Room on the third floor of ASC. This session is designed for teaching assistants who support mathematics instruction and would like to better understand the strategies that students may use in the classroom. This session will be helpful for new teaching assistants who like to deepen their understanding of mathematical strategies for computation.. The session is also helpful for veteran assistants who would just like to review the strategies.

Please note the session is optional. The session is offered twice to better accommodate school schedules. Interested teaching assistants should register for one of the sessions by Tuesday, January 7th using this link:


Free Webinar Trainings on TRIAD and Mindfulness

Register for TRIAD's FREE Webinars beginning in 2020. These professional development opportunities are sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education and are available to educators in LEAs in Tennessee at no cost to participants.

TRIAD Classroom Management Webinar Series
This series of five, 60-minute webinars, beginning January 7th, 2020, will focus on the importance of classroom management strategies to increase academic and behavioral engagement in classrooms with individuals who have varying learning abilities. Topics will include preventative and reactive strategies, such as setting up your classroom for success, teaching expectations and routines, strategies for increasing engagement during instruction, and various types of reinforcement systems. Participants will be given time during each webinar to collaborate with other educators and participate in a community of support throughout the series. TRIAD consultants will be providing ongoing coaching support and feedback during the time frame of the webinar series (approximately 6 weeks of coaching support). Participants are encouraged to attend each webinar session in the series, as they each build upon content from the previous sessions.
To register for this opportunity visit:

Mindfulness for Educators: Improving Personal Practice Webinar Series

This is a 6 part series that will take place once a week starting in mid-January. Topics will include a variety of mindfulness practices that are geared directly towards educators. Registrants can choose to sign up for morning webinars (7 a.m. CST) or afternoon webinars (3 p.m. CST).

Information and registration for morning sessions:
Information and registration for afternoon sessions:

Safe Schools Training

This past week we all received an email from SafeSchools regarding two trainings that need to be completed by the end of January. They are very easy to complete and fast. For both it will take you 30 minutes. If you have time over break to get them done go ahead and do that. If not just put a reminder in your calendar to get them done the afternoon of the 6th. Please check your email for the quick link to these trainings.

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