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December 9, 2022

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Dear Thacher Families:

Report cards were published in the Aspen Family Portal today. If you need help resetting your password or accessing your account, please call the office and Mrs. Cornetta and Mrs. Alves can help.

We hope to see you drive through tonight's PTO Holiday Light Show!


Frank W. Rich


The next meeting of our ELPAC will be Thursday, 12/15 from 6:30-7:30. The meeting is being held at Central Office. For more information, please visit:

Reading Buddies

Mrs. Adler's 4th grade class and Mrs. Paine's Insights class have teamed up!

December - Physical Education with Mr. Rendell

We are continuing to develop healthy attitudes that will eventually lead our students to a lifestyle of regular physical activity. This month we are focusing on cooperative games that encourage students to work together to accomplish a common goal. What better way to focus on positive behavior than playing “Hula Hut Throwdown''. BEWARE of the Grinch O’ Meter! Don’t you wish you were still in Elementary!!!!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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We hope to see you all drive through!

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Upcoming Spirit Days

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All APS Community Flyers can be found within the Welcome Center website. To view this week’s flyers, please visit the Welcome Center webpage, or click here.

Other Important Information & Upcoming Dates

December 9: Elementary PTO Light Show

December 9: Term I Report Cards Published to Aspen

December 12: Spirit Day: Superhero Day

December 19: Spirit Day: Ugly Sweater Day

December 20: Spirit Day: Flannels and Fuzzy Day

December 21: Spirit Day: Winter Wednesday

December 22: Spirit Day: Pajama Day

December 23 - January 2: No School, Winter Holiday Break

January 10: ELC Open House for Community Peers