Lactuca Sativa

About lettuce

-The scientific name for Lettuce is, Lactuca sativa.

-Lettuce is a cool season, vegetable crop.

-Lettuce is native to Asia and Europe.

-California is the top state for lettuce production.

-Lettuce dates back to Ancient Greeks, who believed it contained sleep inducing properties and so it was served at the end of every meal. It is also one of the oldest known vegetables. There was also an Emperor, Caesar Augustus that built a statue of lettuce and praised it because he believed that it had cured him of an illness. Before lettuce was popular, it was thought of being a weed.

- Lettuce is mainly used for human consumption.

- Salad is made out of lettuce, and is what it is mainly known for.

-Lettuce is important because it is a good tasting, healthy food, that is popular.