Elapsed Time... Hopewell style!

Check out the cool kids in these real-life scenarios!


1. Ethan & Nathan get out of school at 2:40, wait 10 minutes for the bus, and ride on the bus 30 minutes to home. What time do Ethan and Nathan arrive home?

2. Esteban is hanging out with friends and has to be home at 10 pm.

It takes 20 minutes to get home and they want to watch a movie that is an hour and a half. What time should they start the movie so he can get home at 10?

3. William wants to bake a cake that takes 20 minutes to cook. If he starts it at 6 pm, what time will he take it out of the oven?

4. Ms. Coles goes out for dinner at 5:00, spends 2 hours at dinner, and 2 hours for a movie. What time will the movie end?

5. Mr. Padfield goes to a Panthers' game that starts at 7 pm and ends 2 and a half hours later. What time will the game end?

6. Darian's lunch time is 12:15 and 2nd period starts and hour and half before lunch. What time does 2nd period start?

7. Tyquan has to check out of school one hour early. If school usually ends at 3 pm

and he is leaving an hour early, what time is he leaving?

8. Jabba wakes up at 8:00 a.m. and gets ready in one hour. It takes 15 minutes to drive to work. When he has been at work an hour, he takes a break. What time is it when he takes a break?

9. Jean-Paul is going to watch a basketball game at “quarter ‘til three”.

Which clock shows “quarter ‘til three”?

10. Javi is going to meet up with friends to play video games at quarter after two. Which clock shows “quarter after two”?

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