The Boy who saved Baseball


Doc is a crazy gentle old man that loves baseball and especially loves Tom because he saved everything in his will for him. I think he is like my granpa cause even though my granpa loves fishing like Doc loves baseball, he has a gentle heart.

How Tom has changed

I think Tom has changed because when the book first started he was kind of shy and a loner, but at the end of the book he kind of started to stand up for himself and opened his shell a little bit.


I think the most exiting part was when Shy little Tom stood up in front of everyone and batted at the ball. He swung as hard as he could with a tiny light weight bat and missed, but they won anyways. The sad part is that Doc he gentle hearted old man died cause his heart couldnt take it no more right when they won.

Hero in Dillontown

I think the hero in Dillontown was daring Cruz, even though he left right when they needed him the most. Cruz helped them with batting and everything. He also was a good friend to them when the team tried to give up. So thats how I think he is a hero.


Never to give up on yourself and your community.

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