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Norfolk Junior High


by yadilis delgado santos

feature story

We’ve got outstanding news for the second most popular sport in the world, volleyball.

William G. Morgan, a teacher in the YMCA invented volleyball in 1895. The game was originally called mintonette but was changed in 1896. Indoor volleyball became an Olympic sport in 1964, also the special design of the ball was created in 1900. Did you know that the longest game of volleyball was 75 hours and 30 minutes? Volleyball improves cardio, flexibility, and balance. Volleyball is the second leading game after soccer in the world. Volleyball also has characteristics from tennis and handball. Also, the men’s and women’s championship is held every four years. In volleyball, there’s a special player that is called the libero. They have six main positions and they have three turns to return the ball over the net to the opponent.
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movie review


Angelina Jolie(Maleficent) is a young fairy who fell in love with a human being. After him stealing the most precious thing she had, he broke her heart. She decided to take vengeance in her own hands, and curse his daughter into a sleep like death. In one night, the king gives Aurora to the fairies to be better protected. The fairies are totally useless and have no idea how to take care of a kid. They leave Maleficent and Diavel to secretly take care of the child. While Maleficent tries to hate Aurora with all of her heart, she simply can't hate such a beautiful child.Does this remind you of something? Maleficent is the new version of Sleeping Beauty in the villain's point of view . Created in 2014, by director Robert Stromberg, watch the movie and find out the end.
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nursery rhymes

Hush Baby

Town frustrated by baby! Mother keeps on saying these words, ‘Hush, little baby, don’t say a word mama’s is going to buy you a mocking bird, up in a farm in the morning light, in a mountain up so high, and if the bird won't sing, mama‘s is going to buy you an emerald ring green as grass. If the emerald ring won’t shine, mama’s going to buy you a looking glass and if the looking glass gets scratched, mama’s going to buy you a pygmy goat. If the pygmy goat does not produce milk, mama’s is going to buy you a cart and horse and if the horse gets sick, mama’s going to buy you a dog named Emi. If the dog won't play, you still would be the sweetest little baby in town.” You can tell why the town is so frustrated after all of that noise!
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Autobiography Rubric. Yadilis Delgado has become one of the best veterinarians in Nebraska. Right now she works in Norfolk, NE pet clinic. She started to work in Burger King at age sixteen, then at age 24 she worked in the Henry Doorly Zoo of Omaha. Her current job is as a vet in a Norfolk pet clinic. She hopes to continue with her title of best veterinarian in Nebraska . She wants to expand her career more and become better at what she does. Yadilis studied in Norfolk Public Schools . She was in choir and volleyball. She did her career at Northeast College.Her hobbies are cooking and traveling She recently came from Europe from visiting her parents in Spain. Yadilis has become a good veterinarian and wants to continue this way.

video game

Temple Run

Temple Run was created in 2011 Temple Run is an endless running game by mangi studios .To go the right, slide the tablet to the right , to the left slide it to the left to jump slide your finger up and to slide slide it down.Temple Run brought huge success to the used to cost 0.99 dollars but now it’s free. Since the game brought so much success, they made similar copies like Temple Run Brave.when Temple Run was released in Android it was downloaded one million times in three days.Temple Run causes of heading to the machines and drains battery life quickly but people continue to play.
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