Chinese Vs West Parenting Styles

By Sebastian Gonzalez

Thesis Statement

The main idea of this conflict is that they are discussing the differences that they have and the simlilarities that they have in common.The point is that the statistics show that chinese parents are more better than western parents because they push thier children to be more successful in life and for their future. In my opinion that is how it looks to me.

Reasons Why Chinese Parenting Is More Complex

Chinese parenting is more complexed because they pressure not because they hate you but because they care about you and want you to have a successful life and a bright future.Also, they help you in school because they believe you will benefit from getting good grades such as having a good job,going to college,and have graduate with honors and have a career.

Diffrent Types Of Parenting Styles

There is many types of parenting which are basically based on these types:The Hippy,Chinese Parenting,and lastly Western Parenting.They are supposely the most effective and more known by society and parents because they are the three most succesful parenting styles.