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Guidance Lessons have started!

As part of our Bullying Prevention program, I visited each classroom and talk about how to make our school a safe and great place to be for all by being a Power Person. A Power Person is someone who stand up for others, stands up for themselves, and gets help from an adult in a bullying situation. A Power Person does not stand by and let mean behavior happen, instead, they insist that themselves and others are kind and respectful to all. Research shows that creating a culture of kindness and teaching kids to report to adults is key in preventing bullying. Visit for more information on research based strategies.

Here is a brief overview of what your child learned by grade level:

Kindergarten: What is Bullying? We read "Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Bullying" by Howard Binko. Kindergartners learned the difference between bullying and mean behavior and focused on making sure to tell an adult they trust in a bullying situation

First Grade and Second Grade: Being a Power Person to prevent bullying. We read "One" by Katherine Otoshi. Students thought about how they could be "the one" and how their actions of kindness is so important in making our school a safe place to be. They drew pictures of themselves being a Power Person and there works of art were turned into a beautiful class poster!

Third Grade: Loving Myself and Standing up for others to prevent Bullying. We read "Weird: (A story about dealing with Bullying in Schools)" By Erin Frankel. Students thought about ways they could be a Power Person for others and for themselves. They wrote down strategies they could choose in a bullying situation and identified safe adults to report to.

Fourth Grade: Mean vs. Bullying and Strategies to Respond to Bullying. We read "Just Kidding" by Trudy Ludwig. Students learned the difference between Rude, Mean and Bullying (See Graphic Below) and strategies for standing up for themselves and others and telling an adult they trust.

Fifth Grade: Relational Aggression and being a Power Person. We read "My Secret Bully" By Trudy Ludwig. Students discussed what they would do in a situation where Relational Aggression was occurring. They brainstormed strategies and chose the ones they could commit to doing to be a Power Person.


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