Message from Amazia & Colonel Rapp

Panim el Panim - For Jewish Unity!

Dear members of RJC, Young Israel and HIR,

I was deeply moved to hear about the warm welcome you gave to the young hero Amazia Fensterheim last Shabbat! It is exactly that kind of devotion and connection to Am Israel we are working tirelessly to infuse within each and every IDF soldier we meet and work with. This generation of young Israelis is hungry for Devar Hashem (the Word of G-d), and we are excited to see these hints of Geula (redemption) every day and hour in Eretz Israel.

I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and be part of Panim el Panim today. We run 220 Shabbat programs annually - a Rabbi spends Shabbat at an army base with 400 to 500 soldiers, giving Shiurim and spiritual Chizuk, and brings some special Oneg Shabbat treats for the Chayalim as well.

Sponsoring a Shabbat at a base costs only $500, and the IDF has agreed to let us run 450 Shabbatot annually!

Please join us for this effort now and help us double the number of IDF soldiers who hear Kiddush, sing Zmirot and Birchat Hamazon, learn about Parshat Hashavua and enjoy what we all know is essential for every single Jewish Neshama.

Chazak U'Baruch to all!


IDF Colonel (res.) Geva Rapp

Leader of Panim el Panim


Checks may be made out to American Friends of Panim el Panim, PO box 670066, Flushing NY, 11367. AFPELP is an IRS 501c3 Non-Profit ID 27-2675230

A message from Amazia Fensterheim

I'm so very glad I got to speak at your community! You gave me a tremendous feeling of pride in our nation and connection to Am Israel, and I hope you share these feelings as well. I would love to see you in Israel soon. Please contact me anytime! (My email is below).



Panim el Panim @ IDF

American Friends of Panim el Panim

In Israel today, Panim el Panim connects tens of thousands of secular Israelis with their Jewish roots. In over 60 secular high schools, in over 120 IDF bases and more than 80 kibbutzim, Panim el Panim rabbis and instructors teach regular shiurim in Jewish identity, heritage and values. When Israelis know where they come from, who they are and what their future is, they become much more committed to the Jewish Nation, the Land of Israel and the State of Israel.

American Friends of Panim el Panim supports this Avodat HaKodesh in Israel and spreads the good news in the US about how young Israelis are truly hungry to learn about their Jewish identity.