Save This Date

Sabbath, January 30th

11:00 Church Service at Cicero, and that evening at the school

Happy New Year, Parents and Students of Cicero Adventist Elementary School!

I trust you all had an enjoyable time during our recent Christmas break. I know in my classroom, the boys and girls and I were so happy to see each other again. And just as happy to get back to the business of learning.

We have a very important date coming up the end of this month. Christian Education Day. On Sabbath, January 30th, our school has almost the entire church service. Our students will be in charge of praise singing, announcements, children's story, scripture, prayer, and special music (chimes, choir and bells). Every student has something we need them to do. Our Superintendent of Education in Indiana Conference, Elder Herb Wrate, will have the sermon. You will learn things about Christian Education. If there ever was a day to be in church at Cicero, this is it! We really NEED your support on this.

That evening there is a special vespers being planned at the school that you won't want to miss! More information about this will be coming your way. This will be a very special day. A brochure will be coming home soon.

Also, keep in mind the date for parent-teacher conferences coming up soon ( the 21st). Sign up for a time with your child's teacher at the beginning of that week. ITBS Test results are in for grades 3-8. Then, on the 18th we have the day off for Martin Luther King Day.

If for any reason you will not be able to have your child at church in Cicero on the 30th, please let us know soon. If there is any way to be there, please ....

Have a Blessed Day!

Mrs. Olson