Elementary iPad Cart Training

Reserving a cart, Requesting Apps, and Classroom posters

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Topic: This training will cover the basic features of the iPad and how to reserve the iPad cart in Eduphoria.
After completing the training, teachers will become an "iPad cart Certified User."

1. Create

  • Have your students CREATE using the iPad instead of CONSUMING.
  • Apps: Pic Collage, ChatterKid, Skitch, Tellagami, Show Me, Educreations, Poplet,

2. Present

  • What if we allowed our students to demonstrate their understanding by NOT taking a written test?
  • Be sure and place word limits on slides.
  • Apps: Pic Collage, Tellagami, ScreenChomp, ShowMe, Educreations, Skitch, Sock Puppets

3. Collaborate

  • Get connected, it will revolutionize your classroom!
  • Teachers all over the world are wanting to participate in collaborative projects.
  • Monster Project, Mystery Skypes
  • Social Media Apps: Twitter, Instagram, Facetime (on personal devices)

4. Code

  • It was called "programming" when we were kids. Think of all of the career possibilities for the students in your classroom that pertain to coding, yet a majority of us don't integrate it into our curriculum. Shouldn't we be doing more with coding in our schools?
  • Apps: Scratch Jr., The Foos: Code for an Hour, Tynker for Schools
  • Website: Code.org (works on iPads)

5. Explain

  • Similar to presenting, but on a higher level
  • Apps: Educreations, ShowMe, BaiBoard, ScreenChomp, Skitch, QR Codes (linked to FotoBabble, Croak.it, or Vocaroo)

6. App Smash

7. Discover

  • As human beings we are naturally curious. Do you allow time to discover in your classroom?
  • Allow time for students to discover the "why" using the iPad, by searching for more information about something you are teaching/learning.
  • Teach student how to better search on the internet using Google Operators

8. Explore

  • Discover and Explore are tied together
  • Are you teaching your content in a manner so that it creates a curious environment?
  • Allow your students to explore using Google Earth, Google Maps, Social Media (check to see if students are able to access first)

9. Assess

  • Quit making trips to the copy machine and use the iPad instead!
  • Apps: Socrative, Edmodo quiz feature, Kahoot, Answer Pad

10. Communicate

  • Create a Twitter account for your classroom or school (@pearlandlittles)
  • Create a class Facebook page (feedthepenguins)
  • Create a class Instagram account (pearlandlittles)
  • Start blogging and sharing the awesome events that are taking place in your classroom!
  • Create and share an Animoto
  • Use Remind to inform and educate parents.

How to Check Availability & Reserve the iPad cart in Eduphoria

Reservations in Facilities and Events

How to delete a reservation

Deleting a Reservation in Facilities and Events

iPad Resources:

iPad Rules Poster- Print one to post in your class.

Use this poster along with the slideshow and iPad AUP when using the iPad cart for the very first time with your students.

iPad AUP for Students- Print one for each student

Use this along with the slideshow and iPad Rules Poster when using the iPad cart for the very first time. Make sure and send it home to be signed by parents.

Handout: Reserving the iPad Cart in Eduphoria

Click here to download the handout.

iPad User Guide for iOS 8

Click here to download the iPad user guide.

iPad Video Funnies: