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Have you always loved dogs? Well, read my Fable! It's about a Roach, Spider, and a dog! It's so interesting, everyone loves it! Title:The Roach, Spider, and Pepper.

6 Types of Folk Literature:

1. Legend-A traditional story believed to be based on actual people and events. These stories, which typically celebrate heroic individuals or significant achievements, tend to express the values of a culture

2. Fairy Tale-A story that involves fantasy elements such as witches, goblins, and elves. These stories often involve princes and princesses and today are generally told to entertain children.

3. Myth-A story from the past involving gods or heroes. These stories often explain beliefs, customs, or mysterious natural phenomena or identify acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

4. Tall Tale-A highly exaggerated and often humorous story about folk heroes in local settings. The characters in these stories might be real, but their actions are greatly exaggerated.

5. Folk Tale-An anonymous traditional story passed on orally from one generation to another

6. Fable-A brief story that teaches a lesson or moral, usually through animal characters that take on human qualities.

3 Examples of Folk Literature:

1. Tall Tale: Paul Bunyan-Moral: You can make great things happen.

2. Fable: John Henry-Moral: It doesn't matter if you die, it just matters what you have done in your life.

3. Folk Tale: The Three Little Pigs-Moral: People who work hard, work smart, save money, think ahead, help the weak people, will come out on top in the end.


My favorite myth is of Hercules. It is about Zeus' son, who has super strength. It is really interesting and fun to read. He attempts to solve Mortality.

Confucianism and Taoism


1. A religion where you are being taught

2. Prejudice against Jews

3. taught by Confucius


1. Created the Yin Yang

2. it means "peace"

3. It originated in China

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The Parable of the Lost Sheep - مثل الخروف الضال

Parable of the Lost Sheep

The meaning of the parable is that even though there are many people in this world, even if one goes astray, he will look for them until he finds them. Luke 15:1-7
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The Roach, Spider, and Pepper

Once upon a time, there were a roach, spider, and a dog named Pepper at the Heid family household. They were the best of friends. All of the creatures were very, very hungry. They all hadn’t eaten in forever. At one dinner for the human family, Pepper got a great idea. “Let’s go and take some food off of their table! They won’t notice a few crumbs missing!”, Pepper exclaimed. “I agree!” the Roach and spider sang in unison. They all scheduled a time to meet under the table. “See you then!”, Pepper said excitedly, heading outside. At the time that they scheduled, they all met under the table. “Let’s do this!”, Pepper sang. Pepper started “Operation Food”. She jumped up onto the table, grabbed a piece of lasagna, and sprinted away. “Wait up!” the roach and spider shouted. “No!” said Pepper, “I want everything for myself!”, So Roach and Spider stood there, stunned that who they thought was their friend betrayed them.

Moral: Never trust a hungry dog.