Resources for Teachers

Professional Development

1. Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel is a site that contains blogs, Q&A sections as well as newsletters for educators across the United States. The overall mission of this website is to "revolutionize how teachers learn, connect, and inspire each other to improve the outcomes for all K-12 students across America".

2. Edutopia

Edutopia is a website that was founded by George Lucas in order to prepare students to thrive in whatever they do in their adult lives such in regards to their education as well as their career path. There are also resources for the Common Core Standards. This website is a great resource that allows you to browse through all grade levels which can be very helpful when planning a lesson.

3. Surf the Net with Kids

Surf the Net with Kids is a great resource for parents, kids, teens, grandparents, teachers and librarians! What makes this site so great? It is full of educational activities that all families and students can enjoy!

4. Web 2.0/ 21st Century Tools

Web 2.0/ 21st Century Tools is another great website that educators can use for various activities in the classroom! There are many links for digital storytelling and art, charts/graphs, photo editing, and presentations/ slideshows.

5. Web 2.0: Cool Tools For Schools

Web 2.0: Cool Tools For Schools is another awesome resource that is based around technological tools for the classroom. There are many links for research, presentation, video, music, writing tools and much much more! Very useful for educators!

6. Shmoop

Shmoop is full of study tools for students and also other resources for teachers such as the Common Core Standards and also the ACT and SAT. This site is definitely geared more towards the upper grade levels but still very helpful and overall a great resource!

7. Remind 101

Remind 101 is another great resource for teachers. It is a text messaging system that is private and easy to use. Students and their parents sign up by sending either a text message or email to the number that has been created for you class! It's a great way to communicate with students and their families about important announcements and things going on in your class while still protecting your privacy.

8. Kid Rex

Kid Rex is all about kids! The purpose of this website is to create a safe search engine for kids. How do you know it's safe? It was created by kids!

9. Prezi

Prezi is definitely one of my favorite resources! It's very interactive and a great alternative for the boring old powerpoint. It's also a great source for students to create projects with. Definitely a must-see!

10. Tagul

Tagul is a very fun website because it creates word clouds! Who doesn't love word clouds? It's another interactive activity for students and also allows them to be unique and create a word cloud about themselves. The word cloud can also be used in the classroom as a fun and creative way for each student to introduce themselves to the rest of the class! Another must-see!


EdPuzzle is a great way to make any type of lesson interactive and fun for students! You create videos over a lesson (for example, multiplication) and you can add your voice and also incorporate quizzes to check for understanding during the video. I really enjoyed making an EdPuzzle!

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