Wellfield Middle School Newsletter

11 December 2015

Dear Parents and Carers

Seasons greetings!

What a busy term it has been - this is our last newsletter of 2015 and of course next week is the last of the Autumn Term.

Monday is our cinema trip, school uniform should be worn but pupils may bring a small bag of sweets that they can carry into the cinema in their coat pocket.

Tuesday is going to be a celebration of British Science. At 11am Tim Peake, a British astronaut, is launching for his trip to the space station. We are going to be having a space themed morning, which will include learning about astronauts and watching the launch live on the BBC. Throughout the day pupils will also be rehearsing for the school performance.

On Wednesday, many of our pupils will be rehearsing for the school performance. The remainder of the children will be having an enterprise event where they will be making some special Christmas themed crafts which will be on sale at the performances of the pantomime on Thursday evening. There will be Christmas goodies and decorations to brighten up your house at this festive time.

Thursday morning will be the finale of our enterprise event followed in the afternoon with our dress rehearsal for our pantomime, which all of the pupils will have the opportunity to see with performances in the evening for parents.

Friday we will have parties and Christmas DVDs for the pupils in the morning and a whole school Christmas assembly in the afternoon. Children may wear party clothes on the last day.

School holidays begin at 3.30pm and pupils return to school on Tuesday 5th January as Monday 4th January is a staff training day.

Information for January 2016

Uniform - please can you ensure that your child's uniform is named- this allows us to return any lost property to their rightful owner.
Winter weather - we are well into winter and would like to encourage pupils to bring a coat or jacket to school to keep them warm during break times on the yard. If we do have snow then pupils are allowed to wear boots or Wellington boots but please remember to bring in school shoes to wear once inside.
Girls trousers - can I please remind all parents that black jeans style trousers are not school uniform. I understand that some shops are selling these in their school uniform sections however we do ask that pupils wear tailored trousers, this is in our brochure, on the website and in the pupil planner. Girls may of course wear a school skirt.

Text Santa

Well done to all of the pupils and staff yesterday who managed to raise £330 for the 'Text Santa' appeal. Everyone looked great in their Christmas jumpers, the cakes and biscuits were delicious, we all enjoyed our Christmas lunch and and we had a surprise visit from Pudsey too!

Request for Jars / Cereal Boxes / Newspapers

Please can you save any glass jars with kids, cereal boxes and newspapers for some of our activities next week. Please bring to school Monday or Tuesday.


Our Pantomime, Dick Whittington, will be held on Thursday 17th at 5:30 and 7:00pm. If you would like tickets, there is a copy of the ticket letter on our website.

Spare tickets will be made available on Tuesday.

The children have been told this week if they will need to bring anything in for their costume, and if so exactly what is required.

Administration of medicine in school

The form to request school staff to administer medication to a pupil on a short term basis is now available in the Parents area of the school website. (Letters section)

Should your child need to take short term medication during school hours, please complete and sign the form and bring it into school with the medication. Each item needs a separate form.

Please note that only prescribed medication can be administered. We are unable to administer any over the counter medication.

Olivia's letter from Francoise Hollande

Olivia C sent a letter to Francoise Hollande after the attacks in Paris, she received a reply which she has translated by herself.

The Rescue by Jack D (7KB)

Year 7 have been writing rescue stories inspired by Kensuke’s Kingdom (Michael Morpurgo).

I gasped as I woke up. It wasn’t a dream. I was still here on the island. I sighed, drowning in doubt of ever getting home.

Limping heavily, I grabbed my shell and into the shallow sea I went, desperately searching for something, anything. Four days was enough to starve. My eyes lit up with joy. I finally found it. Kneeling down cautiously, I was ready to pounce, like a tiger on a moose.

I crossed my eyebrows in frustration as it swam away. I chucked the shell into the deep and strolled slowly away, angrily. The sand seemed to be getting hotter and hotter. I lay down in the shade, hands covering my face. All of a sudden I felt something on my palms. My hands were cushioned on my face. Confused, I then recognised for the first time a huge beard on my chin. It got me thinking about how long I’d been on the island and how everything would just get worse and worse. Thankfully, that anger drove me to determination.

This was it, the turning point.

I leaped up, then stormed into the forest. “I will escape, I will get out of here. I will escape…”. I scavenged for wood; small twigs would do for now. Once I couldn’t carry anymore, I would always run (or at least try) to the highest mountain I could find and wearily drop it all in a certain spot. It was extremely strenuous.

After around two days, I was finished. It was done. I was complete. It was just a matter of lighting it and I was almost guaranteed to get out of here. Now it was just a waiting game, perseverance.

I couldn’t bear it anymore. I was desperate and suffocating inside. Food was now a burden. It was all I wanted. I would die here, alone on the island, otherwise. But I was determined to pull through.

Every night from then on, I would sleep closer and closer to my beacon, just in case. I always woke up when the golden sun was ever so slightly touching the horizon. I always tried to guess what the time was, and as a matter of fact, it was quite stimulating and entertaining! That aside, the island was pretty dull. Dull, but very bright. The birds were always watching over me, and I watched as the orangutans swooped branch-to-branch; I would wander in the forest for food sometimes but only found the odd thing that looked edible.

“Yes!Hallelujah!I’ve got it!” A big, fat, long, juicy fish slobbered into my rusty, muddy hands. Now I knew I could do it. A ship will come. Just finding food was the answer.

That night was the best in a long time. I devoured half of the fish practically! Despite the bones, I still enjoyed it. From then on, everything I ate I really appreciated.

I remember it vividly. I stretched, moaned,groaned,the usual. My hands covered my eyes as the sun was more vibrant than normal. It turned out, I was just in time. Repeatedly rubbing my eyes, I couldn’t believe it. My legs carried me to the beacon. This was it, the moment of truth. “Come on, come on…” I was rubbing and striking vigorously at the beacon.

I kept glancing to my left out to the sea, checking if it was getting closer or further. It was such a panic and a rush.It was coming closer. I could feel it. The beacon let alight.

A massive long horn went off. I was saved. I sprang up and sprinted to my saviours, hands waving in the air. It was an absolute miracle.

Lost Property

Already this half term we have a large quantity of unnamed lost property in school. If your child has lost anything, please check in the boxes in the main entrance. Please ensure that all items brought to school are clearly labelled with the pupil’s full name. Thank you

Thank you to 8O

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Thank you to every single pupil in 8SO for working very hard and rehearsing relentlessly for the past 4 weeks to deliver a smashing performance for their assembly. Everyone enjoyed it tremendously.

Madame Oliver

There are more photos of the assembly on our website

Well done to 5KB

Who performed on a most entertaining 'It's a Wonderful Life' assembly. You can find more photos on their class page.
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PE Blog

A long term is coming to a close and I thought it would be a good time to say Thank you to all our brilliant pupils who have come to a club, joined a team or simply enjoyed PE this term. With Swimming, Fitness Club, Netball Club, Football Club, Skipping, Newcastle Eagles, an Olympian visit, numerous Football fixtures for the boys and girls, Netball fixtures, Gymnastics Club, Benfield Visit, Sports Hall Athletics, Table Tennis, Dance, Insanity, Cross Country and even more in our PE lessons, it has been a busy and successful term. I have been really impressed with the commitment our pupils have given to extracurricular clubs and this shows through our vast numbers each week. I must also say a big thank you to the staff who allow us to run so many activities, Mrs Gordon, Mrs Henderson, Mr Burns and Mrs Bolam all give up their time each week and Mr Barron is always on hand to take us to and from fixtures. For next term, alongside our regular clubs, we have a Cricket coach who will be in for the Year 7 & 8s each week, Volleyball lunchtime club, KS2 Gymnastics, Skipping and much more. Early on in January the Year 7 Girls will compete for North Tyneside at a regional Athletics final, here's hoping for even more success. Well done the Girls.

Happy Christmas.

Mr Richardson.


Sports Council

From next term our newly formed sports council will be taking pupils views on PE and Sport in school, as always Mr Richardson and Mr. Burns are available for anyone to ask about clubs but they can now go through their Sports Rep as well. Alongside this we will be reintroducing our pupil questionnaire to make sure we are reaching as many pupils as possible with our curriculum.

Year 7 Football Tournament

Well done to our Year 7 Football team who competed in a 5aside tournament at the Soccer Dome. In a competitive 19 team tournament both teams won a few and lost a few. Wellfield A came closest to getting through to the Semi Final but lost out in the end losing their final group game 3-2 to Valley. Josh N and Ryan P put in great performances, Josh scoring most of Wellfield A's goals and Ryan never giving up no matter how big his opponents were.

Netball News

Year 7

Wellfield 1 St Thomas More 2

Wellfield 1 Marden High 3

Year 8

Wellfield 7 St Thomas More 2

Wellfield 10 Marden High 5

Well done to all the girls , with some exceptional performances this term.

Next match January 11th against George Stephenson High.


The choir have been very busy across the past two weeks showcasing their hard work in the local community. They performed at Shiremoor Day Centre and Shiremoor library. Audiences were treated to a range of Christmas carols, songs and some fine instrumental ensembles. Clients were over the moon to not only hear but sing along to most of the numbers. Our choir received glowing praise from both venues and all members should be very proud of themselves.
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