GT Module 2 Activity

Article: 16 of the Smartest Children in History

3 Things I Learned

1) No goal or dream is too big or high for a child.

2) Children need the support of family, friends, and the community to continue with their giftedness because not everyone understands and accepts it.

3) If you don't let a child continuously challenge themselves, they will loose their ability and will to be a gifted learner.

2 Questions I Still Have

1) Why are we so afraid to accept and understand young, gifted learners?

2) With learners having the potential to share so much with the world, why aren't all school districts adapting to fit those learners needs and let them shine?

1 Action I Can Take Immediately

1) I can make sure I design lessons that will give my gifted learners the chance to challenge themselves and shine inside and outside of the classroom.