Luis de Morales

By: Emma Cail


  • Luis de Morales was born in Badajoz, Spain
  • 1519-1586
  • Luis painted very intense, dark, religious paintings
  • Trained as a painter in Seville and resided there for 25 years
  • Grew up as a religious man
  • Names of his paintings were "The Pieta" and "Holy Family"
  • His patrons were Pedro de Campana

The Masterpeices

One of Luis de Morales works, called The Virgin and Child was created during the time period 1565 to 1570. You can see the original piece in the National Gallery in London.

A relatively new technique used by Luis was oil on wood. I find this painting so interesting because even in the 1500's, artist made such soft beautiful paintings and portraits relating to their religious beliefs. The artist most exemplifies humanism because of his paintings of people and their uniqueness.

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