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Does small temperature rise really matter

whats the problem with rising temperature?

The problem is the people are not using enough solar or man powered things like solar panels in their house and bikes instead of cars. people take part in the reason why the temperature is rising because, we burn to many fossil fuels like natural gases, oil and coal.

Every 10 years!?

Every 10 years the temperature rises 1 degrees. The big picture is that in 100 years it will rise 10 degrees. Even the small temperature rise is affecting our world. The poles are melting and that is causing the animals that live there to be in danger.

does small temperature rise really matter?

Because of the temperature rise its melting ice. When it melts ice the glaciers and ice drop into the ocean. If they happen to be a very large glacier then when it melts the ice turns to water and it causes the sea level to rise.

Polar Bears

Polar bears have thick fur, big paws and other features that help them live in harsh cold environment. But they need Arctic sea ice for survival. This is why as we cause the temperature to rise its effecting our animals more than we think. If this climate change pattern continue then we would be free of summer sea ice by 2050.
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How We Can Stop It

If we all help we can change this. When we burn fossil fuels its making the carbon footprint (The amount of carbon dioxide being put into the air when we burn fossil fuels) higher. All we have to do is have more people get solar panels instead of electricity. For examples cars runoff or gases, gases are on or the 3 fossil fuels so we just need to invent a car that runs off of a re-new able source like solar electricity. Like bikes, if we ride bikes we are not burning gases and other fossil fuels.