Hi Captain Hooks

Arrrggggggh......matey..... I miss you guys.....read below!!

Mr. Hooks I need your help

Yes I have Skype but it won't let me call you so call me my name thingy is stitch.aroo on skype and also can you please email me my username for the course site blackboard I forgot it and I really need it so I can chat through that so when ever you have the time please do so and also the time change is making it difficult for me to get the time right my email is babybeas@gmail.com

Sad Kendall/Mr. Bunny

Miss you guys and if you need anything tell Mariah because she can FaceTime me

Math problem w/ BUNNIES!!!!!!!

Kendall this is a math problem with bunnies

Angelina made a graph that shows the number and type of materials she bought to build hutches for her BUNNIES!!!!!!!!! We miss you sooooooo much! :)

Michael Harris