Principal's Corner

November 20, 2022

Important Dates

11/21 & 11/22 Parent Teacher Conferences

11/23-11/25 Thanksgiving Break

Parent Teacher Conferences

We look forward to sharing your child's progress at parent teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday. We look forward to seeing many of you in person for parent teacher conferences. If you are coming for an in person conference, please enter through the doors by the office.

All lost and found items will be on display by the library. Please take a look for any of your child's missing items. We would LOVE all of our lost and found items to be claimed.

Please note that the children will be off the entire week. Monday and Tuesday for parent teacher conferences and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving break.

Bike Safety

Please remind your child to walk their bike once they are on school grounds. It is often very crowded and can be dangerous if children are trying to ride their bike when the sidewalks are crowded. This expectation was shared when students attended their BIke Rodeo and again at the beginning of the school year.


Before and after school are busy times around Madison. If you child needs to cross the street to get home, please encourage them to cross with the crossing guards. There is a crossing guard at Sixth and Madison Streets as well as one in the parking lot at Madison. If your child usually crosses at Seventh and Madison or Eighth and Madison, encourage them to cross at Sixth and Madison with the crossing guard even if it takes an extra minute to get home.

Picking Up After School

During inclement weather, we see an increase in the number of children picked up from school. If you are picking up your child on inclement weather days, we ask that you follow the established dismissal procedures. Please do not park your car on Sixth Street in the car rider line and go to meet your child in the front of the building. This prevents our car rider line from moving. Please do not have your child cross in the middle of the street to meet you. Students should cross at the cross walk. It is very dangerous when children cross in the middle of the street. Student safety is our priority.