Why Choose the Abortion Pill?

By Heather MacGibbon

Why Choose the Abortion Pill?



Having an abortion is an extremely individual and personal decision. Once that decision is made, then depending on how many weeks you are into the pregnancy you still have more decisions to consider as well.

Almost every day at Parkmed GYN women call seeking early termination of pregnancy and are surprised when we respond with – What type of procedure do you want? I always feel a little bad because by the time they call they have already agonized over so many questions – but we want to make sure that they are aware of all their options before they are here.

While most women seeking an abortion want to be asleep for the procedure and have everything supervised by the doctor – this is not always the case. Because abortion is such a private and intimate experience some women feel strongly that they want to be in their own home and pass the pregnancy in a more organic way. Taking the abortion pill is similar to going through a miss carriage. While you have the advantage of medical testing including sonogram and blood work to make sure it is safe – you go through the process of passing the pregnancy tissue at home, surrounded by those you want for support.

Using the abortion pill can help provide this type of abortion experience in a medically safe environment. It is important to be aware that even though the process of a medical abortion is similar to a spontaneous miscarriage it is still considered an abortion procedure in terms of your medical history.

At Parkmed we make sure that you are informed of all you need to know before you take the first medication of the process. Our board certified doctors will sit with you and discuss the pros and cons of the non-surgical procedure to make sure you are healthy enough to do this at home and are mentally prepared.