Women Think About Men and Sex

My wife was just talking about the spoken and non-spoken messages she received as when she was a teenager about sexual sex and men...

Women went to great lengths to stress this message to me right before I got married...

There are a number of women who have noticed that my wife is involved in sexual activity with me, and have decided to "educate" her on how she's expected to behave as"wife" "wife "...

This is frightening...

1. The majority of men want sex, therefore you must look out for them and avoid intimate relationships with them.2. Sex is the only way to trick men to give all you'd like.
3. Give your man only enough sex, the absolute minimum required to keep him interested so that he'll continue to do your favor and giving to you, but not more.
4. If you must remove a man from the sexual sex that you offer him in order to achieve the desired result, then do it.
5. Your overall strategy is to suggest and suggest to your guy that if he grants you the things you want, and If he's willing to be the boss, when he's willing to conform to your mind-set and then, you'll offer the man what he wants today, tomorrow and "soon". Then, when it's time to deliver, tell him that you're suffering from headaches, are not feeling well...that might be the time to begin your period, or that your children have been too much for you today and you're tired or make any excuse that's difficult to convince a man with. In essence the best strategy is to INNUATE but try to avoid paying.

Since I'm working to help men build a more enjoyable and more sexually-filled marriage I'm aware through personal knowledge that my wife isn't the only woman to receive these messages.

This is exactly what women have been taught to believe they have to be doing. These are the types of examples that are modelled and taught to women.

There are a few voices of a different kind...

In actual fact, throughout all of the years in her existence my wife has told me that 1 (1) woman has given her an entirely different message. The woman she spoke to advised to her that if was concerned about maintaining the family happy and in good health the woman should be a loving, caring and sexually attractive wife to avoid having her husband choose another woman who can fulfill his requirements.

In fact, that's what led my wife to begin talking about this...she was just informed regarding one female most open about this was divorced by her fOURTH husband...which led her to reflect on the other women who relayed this "message" on to her...which made her be aware that nearly all of them were sad, lonely, old ladies.

My argument is that If men desire to have a wife who is different from how they've been trained to function and they want to assume the responsibility of leading their spouse in a new and more sexually oriented manner that brings more happiness to both of them.

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Men are often unaware of about how sexually attractive their spouse is. However, when I provide wives a secure, private and anonymous space that I provide them a place they can remove the "mask" -- and I ask them about sexual relations... Brothers, some of the comments women make will completely surprise you. If you have a woman, you really need to know about these "wife secrets , these "female sex secrets" that women would never admit to in public.

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