Elm Road Express December 2019

"Putting Dreams into Flight"

From the Desk of Dr. Lisa Soto Kile

As we begin to focus our thoughts toward the holiday season and reflect on another year that has passed, I want to wish you and your family the best as we near the end of 2019. It has been a great start to the year at Elm Road Elementary, and I am most thankful to the students, staff, and parents for making this school year a wonderful experience.

No homework tonight? Please encourage students to practice their math facts every night as well as spend at least ten to fifteen minutes a night reading. We are noticing a great number of students needing assistance with learning their basic facts. Spending a few minutes each night will make a great difference. Our hope is that every night each student will spend the necessary time in both reading and math. We have some helpful information provided by the Indiana Department of Education regarding the iLearn assessment for grades 3-5 in April. More information can be found here: https://www.doe.in.gov/assessment/ilearn-families

With the help of our students, staff members, student council, and other community donors, we were able to make several Elm Road families very happy this Thanksgiving. The student council provided assistance to the Northern Indiana Food Bank and our school's baskets as well. A special thank you is extended to Mrs. Shell and Mrs. Newcomer for their leadership in this endeavor.

I appreciate the support that the Elm Road community continually demonstrates.

Important Dates to Remember

Dec 2nd - 20th - CogAt testing for Kindergarten, 2nd and 5th grades

Dec 6th - 5th Grade field trip Sculpture Quest 9:30-12:30

Dec 13th - Hearing Screening for 1st and 4th

Dec 13th - DARE Graduation 8:15-9:15

Dec 19th - 2nd Grade Chippewa Bowling for Campe 11:50-2

Dec 23 - Winter Recess begins

Jan 6th - Return from Winter Recess

Notes from the Office

Car Riders

  • Student safety is important to us!
  • When arriving at the school, please approach from the south off of Capital. That allows our traffic to keep flowing and does not interfere with our buses that are waiting to enter our parking lot to drop off the students.
  • Parents picking up or dropping off children are reminded to have students exit curbside ONLY.
  • Please pull up as far as safely possible to the next car before having students exit your vehicle. Always follow the directions of the safety patrol assistants.
  • Please refrain from using your cell phones when you are idling. Use this time to talk with your child or enjoy a read along chapter book. They are young, but for such a little time.
  • Tune in and turn off.
  • Please help your child memorize their car rider number. This helps dismissal go a little quicker!!
  • Thank you

Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following

“Eagles” for their wonderful

“SOAR” behavior

Barnes: Samantha Roberts & Caleb Cummins

Portolese: Lucy Blimling & Andrew Ritter

Renz: Abigail Stewart & Landyn Laidig

Swaby: Xavier Sandefur & Maeloyren McFadden

Bush: Harper Gibson & Nolan DeVreese

Hinton: Alaina Benson & Finley Runyon

Taylor: Amaya Hernandez, Amelia Decicco & Daniel Dye

Clark: Adam Gretencord & Anna Gordenier

Richard: Tripp Demske, Natalie Haab & Lily Kazmierzak

Tornquist: Mason Francis & Arianna Reczek

Anderson: Mckenzie Ray & Matthew Haggerty

Miller: Trea Echols & Faith Latson

Myers: Emily Freeman & Jacob Reed

Pillow: Jaden Caro Rodriguez & Dariane Argueta

Cook: Chloe King & Tim Onghetich

Keough: Charlie Christianson & Liam Emmons

Newcomer:Nadine Sheikhah & AnnaBell Rochefort

Freeman: Emily Signorino & Matthew Luczkowski

Kertai:Brogan Oldfather & Brooklynn Hill

Mellor: Jason Cencelewski & Nora McKinney

Shreiner: Emilia Ducret & Kaylie Creighton

Snow and Sledding

It is that time of year again….cold and snowy weather! Please remember to dress your child appropriately. We will go outside as long as the temperature and wind chill factor are above zero. All students are expected to go outside. If your child is to remain inside, please provide a doctor’s note. To play in the snow, children need to wear snow pants, coats, gloves, hats and boots. Please make sure you mark your child’s belongings with his/her name. With regard to sledding, please be reminded that children may bring a plastic roll up sled to school during snowy days. Please make sure that your child’s name is on the sled. Keeping your children safe is our main priority. Sledding is always supervised!

Youth Service Bureau

Thank you so much for your contributions to our Student Council food drive this past month!

This month for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons your child(ren) will be learning self management and social awareness. We will be discussing about how to deal with things that are in our control and things that are outside of our control.We will also learn the importance of following directions, and learning how we all may think and feel differently than each other. Make sure to check in with your child(ren) to see what they are learning during SEL.

As always, if you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to give me a call at 259-3743 or email me at ashell@phm.k12.in.us

- Mrs. Shell

Student Council News

The students at Elm did a fantastic job helping others in need this Holiday season by donating over 1,000 food items to the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. It was fun to see the joy in the kids faces as Mrs. Newcomer's class loaded it all into the barrels. Congratulations to Mrs. Mellor's class for collecting the most cans. Thank you to all who were able to participate!

More Student Council Activities

High Ability Info

In accordance with the Indiana high ability law, we are required to have an identification process in place to identify students of high ability in the general intellectual and specific academic domains. We identify students who have high ability in language arts and/or math.

Every kindergartener, second and fifth grader who has not been previously identified in a subject area is considered for high ability identification.

Testing for the high ability identification process will begin in December.

Learn more about our identification procedures by visiting our high ability website at https://www.phmschools.org/saturday-enrichment-and-high-ability-programs.

Potawatomi Zoo Visits 4th Grade

We are learning about habitats from the experts at Potawatomi Zoo about animal habitats. We are going to use this information to create a new habitat for our owls.

Health Office Reminders

Big picture

PHM Community Events and Activities

Please click this link for PHM community Events and Activities.


Girls on the Run

Elm Road Girls on the Run season is from February 24th through May 15th.

We will meet Mondays and Wednesday after school.

Please consider joining as an assistant coach. Daughter(s) of the coach are guaranteed a spot on the team.

Contact Jackie Anderson for more information.


Mrs. Zache's Reading Corner

I hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the extra time with their families. This year is flying by, and we are headed to the halfway mark! Please find quality time nightly to read and talk with your child(ren). It is a simple yet critical time for your child(ren) to learn and grow.

I am excited to announce our November “Readers of the Month!”

Kindergarten: Akbar Msonge

First: Alaina Benson

Second: Natalie Haab

Third: Garrett Werntz

Fourth: Emma Kummeth

Fifth: Michael Nardini

These students will receive a certificate, book, and school wide recognition! Students will also have their picture posted under our “Spotlight Readers” bulletin board located by the gym.

Congratulations to Mrs. Renz Class. They were Elm’s October Reading Calendar stand outs with 94% of students turning in their reading calendar! I really enjoyed coming into their classroom, where I got the chance to read one of my favorite books and have snack time with them. Make sure your child is reading nightly and documenting their reading! At the end of each month, have your child turn in their reading calendar to their teacher! I would love to visit your child’s classroom next!

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at azache@phm.k12.in.us

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Zache

Greetings from Elm Road Music Room

In the month of December, students will be studying composers Peter Tchaikovsky and Irving Berlin. Students will also be learning holiday songs for our annual sing-a-long. Please note that this event is for students and staff only. While we would love to have you, space and fire code regulations do not allow for that many people in the gym.

Please note that my eLearning assignments will be posted on each teacher's (or grade's) Google Classroom. You can follow a link there to my website. Every student must fill out a Google form on my eLearning tab to get credit for their assignment.

Mrs. Nakayama

Elm Road Elementary Music Teacher




What's Happening in PE

Dear Families,

During November, all grade levels were active playing “Battleship” and “Minefield” for Veterans Day. We discussed what honor and sacrifice mean as well as strategies to help our team be successful. Many students shared stories of loved ones serving or who have served our country. They had many creative ideas how they could show honor to those soldiers/veterans. These games also continued to develop our overhand throw, underhand roll, toss, shooting and striking skills.

In addition to our Minds in Motion maze, all grade levels have been working on movement concepts and locomotor skills like: grapevine, skip, run, jog, gallop, side slide, power walk, walk, caterpillar crawl, and hop. All grades have been playing games that integrate the components of fitness (cardio endurance, flexibility and muscular strength) and that have allowed us to discuss the history of Thanksgiving as well as traditions that our families share such as “Turkey on a Table”, “Turkey Tag”, “Turkey Run”, “Thankful Tag”, “Mayflower Relays” and “Turkey Toss”.

Star Martial Arts visiting our gym classes this month was a huge hit! Our instructors reinforced concepts of exercise, respect, time management, listening, organization, balance, and self-control.

During the month of December, we are going to hone in on our underhand roll with our bowling unit. The second graders will have the opportunity to go bowling with their CAMPE teachers on a field trip as well! We will also be playing some holiday games in December.


Sarah Sime and Debbie Parisi

Library Lines

Our Library will be filled with holiday stories and learning about holiday celebrations around the world during CAMPE rotations. The students will be allowed to check out books over the break to be returned after the break.

WNDU Meteorologist, Cindi Clawson came to Elm Road to read aloud “The Epic Adventures of Huggie and Stick” to our students in November. What fun!

Please to read aloud to your kids over the holiday break – sharing a read aloud is a great bonding experience.

Thank you to all the library volunteers – they are loved by the students and greatly appreciated by me.

Mrs. Knapp