September 16, 2016

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Teamwork makes the DREAMWORK!

It is crystal clear that teamwork does make the dream work! Grade levels that are working together are demonstrating tremendous growth and excitement among their teams with curriculum initiatives, creative morning work ideas, stepping up questioning strategies and setting the stage for students to own their work. The plans in GOOGLE are a tremendous asset to implementing instruction. Websites have been enhanced and teams are making life easier for parents as they only have to look in one place for information! Great start everyone!

Planning for the big anniversary open house is taking on a new life. Please talk up your 'decade' with your students as we would love to see them dressed up and enjoying the day, along with the teachers! Classrooms should be working with technology, STEAM, and hands-on collaborative activities that day. You all have been doing GREAT with cutting down on worksheets and replacing those activities with interactive technology lessons, authentic reading and writing lessons, and cooperative/collaborative experiences for children. I am LOVING seeing the alternatives to morning work 'worksheets' out there. Many are enjoying a more social time, using math games and LA games, journal writing, and other great activities! Thank you for your dedicated efforts in changing up the arrival experience for our children. They are HAPPY and engaged!

Hope to see many of you at our 'Collaboration' this afternoon!


Anniversary Decade Assignments!







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Dey's 60th Anniversary Open House

For more information and to R.S.V.P. for John B. Dey's 60th Anniversary Open House, please go to the website listed below. Spread the word to the JBD Community!


How To Be An Inventor! | Kid President
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Please read carefully: this is important information about enrolling for your health care benefits. The Consolidated Benefits Office has developed an online training module to educate employees about Open Enrollment 2017.

All VBCPS staff will be required to view an online training module and must elect any benefits they wish to be enrolled in for 2017. This is a change from previous years.

The start up date for the training module entitled "VBCPS 2017 Benefits Open Enrollment" through Annual Mandatory Employee Training will begin Aug. 8.

Everyone is expected to complete the training by Sept. 30, 2016.

The Open Enrollment period will begin Oct. 3 - Nov. 4, 2016.


The Office of Technical and Career Education will be showcasing STEM Robotics, Maker Expo and Cyber Security Challenges with schools from all levels participating in final competitions at the Virginia Beach Convention Center on Thursday, June 8, 2017. All of these activities encourage collaboration and cross-curricular involvement while teachers and students create, design, build and become exposed to STEM and entrepreneurship. Two preliminary events will be held at the Advanced Technology Center in February (Maker Expo) and April (Cyber Innovation Prelim). Mentors will receive a stipend from the Department of Teaching and Learning, but all other related costs will be the responsibility of the school, including transportation.

Schools that choose to participate in these events will first select a teacher mentor; it is preferred that the same mentor not be involved in all three challenges. Secondly, the schools who wish to participate in the Maker Expo must have access to a MakerBot 3D printer. Thirdly, teams will meet after school and will have access to the basic materials for all activities provided by the Office of Technical and Career Education.

Please see the attached document and have mentors register for one or each program via the website, www.vbstemtrifecta.com/registration (Password: TCE17) by Monday, Sept. 26. Following this registration, additional details will be e-mailed to the mentors regarding kick-off meetings and trainings. If there are any questions, please contact the coordinators for each event on the attached document or call the Office of Technical and Career Education via phone at 757-648-6180.

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NEW VBCPS Policy for Email Signatures

The School division has a new policy regarding school email signatures, business cards and school letterheads. You can click here to view the entire the document. The division would like for everyone's email signatures to look the same. So you are being asked to update your email signatures to reflect the new policy. The new policy does not include colorful backgrounds, pictures or logos.

The signature on all school division email accounts (xxx.xxx@vbschools.com) should contain the employee’s name, title, school or department name, main office or direct exten-sion phone number, and a link to the school or school division website. If desired, the electronic signature may also include the employee’s Twitter handle. Below the email signature, the division’s Core Values should be displayed as shown in the example below. The signature on school division email accounts should not include quotes, photos or graphics other than an individual school mascot or the school division’s standard logo.

New Email Signature Design:

John Doe

Principal Sunny Elementary School

(757) 648-1111

Twitter: @sosunny


Put Students First • Seek Growth • Be Open to Change • Do Great Work Together • Value Differences

Note: In case you have forgotten, to change your email signa-ture in Outlook, you must first open a new email and

September Calendar

September 19: 5th Grade Gifted Screening

September 19-23: Constitution Week

September 20: Room Parent Training 9:30 - 10:30 a.m

September 20: Staff Welfare Committee Meeting (Room 10 after dismissal)

September 21: Room Parent Training 6:30-7:30 p.m

September 22: 1st day 5th Grade Strings- JBD Café

September 22: PAC Meeting after dismissal (Library)

September 23: K-2 PTA Play date at Great Neck Park

September 28: John B. Dey's 60th Anniversary Open House! 9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Gr. 3-5 PTA Play date at Great Neck Park

2016 - 2017 SEAGULL CIRCLE FUND - Extras forms available in the foyer

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Staff Welfare

The Staff Welfare Committee will meet on Tuesday, September 20 after dismissal in Room #10. We hope to have a representative from each grade level! We will be planning events for the 2016-2017 school year. Hope you can make it! Thank you to everyone who has paid their dues.

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September Birthdays

Sara Fleeharty - September 19

Karen Reidelbach - September 20

Gwen Stinard - September 22

Nancy George - September 23

Caitlin Keough - September 23

Sally Cole - September 30

Jennifer Booth Mericle - September 30

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  • Kudos to everyone that has helped me get settled in at JBD, especially my first grade team. Amanda
  • Check out the new CHICK in “The Nest!” Amy Wight is an awesome addition to the JBD flock! So glad she’s here to help you fly right. (Too much with the bird theme, huh?) Rose

  • So grateful for the support and laughs the Specialists provide throughout the week! That is CHEEP therapy! Shout out to all my PEEPS who help me make it through the day! Rose Chick (I couldn’t help myself!)
  • Thanks for being such a great team Third Grade! From Shawn

  • Thank you Suzanne- you made my month! Phyllis

  • Thank you, Beth, for hosting the Annual Kick-Off Party at your house AGAIN this year!!

  • Thank you, Robert Bianchi, for sharing your lovely home for JBD's Kick-Off Party and cleaning your pool at 5:30 this morning!