Political Revolution

Understanding political revolution

So what is a Political Revolution anyway?

Basically, a political revolution is a major change in a country's government. Usually this happens when the citizens of a country disapprove of the government, so they decide to overthrow it or change it. This leads to a big change in society and social structure. Political Revolutions are often violent and can cause a lot of conflict. There have been many throughout history.

Political Revolution throughout history:

A more in depth view of political revolution

A Closer Look At The American Revolution

The American Revolution began in 1775. This war lasted 8 years. The 13 American colonies were under British rule at the time. The Americans wanted to gain independence from Britain. They felt that the new laws and taxes imposed upon them were unfair. They protested against "taxation without representation," but no changes were made. New taxes were placed on sugar and printed items. The Quartering Act was passed, which required all American citizens to feed and house British troops if necessary. The final straw for the Americans was the Tea Act. The Tea Act stated that the citizens could buy no tea unless it was from the East India Company. This led to the Boston Tea Party, during which the American citizens dumped all the tea into the harbor. Britain put the Intolerable Acts into place in response, shutting down the harbor until the East India Company was reimbursed for the tea that had been dumped. All of this led to a series of boycotts and protests against Britain. The king rejected the Americans' pleas for independence. Finally, the American citizens declared and fought for their independence.

Do The Benefits Outweigh The Costs?

Benefits of Political Revolution:

* Typically, a new, more fair form of government is put in place

* Compromise can be reached

* Unfair policies are abolished

Costs of Political Revolution:

* Changes in everyday life

* Usually violent conflicts occur due to the revolution

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