Island of the blue Dolphins

By: Newbery Medalist Lois Lowry


Far off the coast of California looms a harsh rock known as San Nicolas Island. Blue dolphins splash in the water surrounding it,sea others play in the kelp beds,and seabirds roost in its crags. Once,Indians also lived on the island until one day they decided to leave and sales to the east. A young girl was left behind. Karana is the girl. Year after year,she waits for the ship to come back. But it never does. Finally, she realizes she must make a fateful choice: follow her people on her own or remain alone on the island for the rest of her life.

The characters

. Karana .Ramo .Chowing. . Captain Orlov .Kimki .Matasaip .Nanko .Tainor .Lurai .Rontu . The Aleuts .Tutok .Ulape .Mon-a-née .Rontu-Aru . The white man

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I think

This book is very touching for me because Karana can live that long without her people by her Side, I never seen a girl that brave before. You should read this book and feel what is like to live on a island by yourself for many years.