The All New 2014 Dynasty Shock

Sleek, Stylish, and efficient, while staying Eco-friendly!

The Best New thing out there!

Dynasty has honed all of natures power and created The all new 2014 Shock! With 10 hour full charge battery perfect for long drives you'll never be stuck out of power! Since joining forces with Apple last month we now have a completely revamped sound system plus, the iconic Siri sure to help you on your quest! Starting at only $39, 999 you too can save the earth and look great while doing it, what are you waiting for get yours now!

Now With Even More Trunk Space!

After completely redesigning the interior, you didn't really think we'd stop there right! We completely remodeled the trunk by increasing the size from 4 feet by 4 feet to 5 feet by 5 feet, adding an automatic open button next to the steering wheel, and several extra compartments within the trunk for even more space! We also have a convenient ice-cooler perfect for carrying food on long trips!

Save the Earth

Bit by bit, piece by piece, Dynasty is trying the restore the power of nature on this spectacular planet! For example; 5% of all sales of the 2014 Dynasty shock will be going towards A.G.E(All Green Earth) which works towards keeping the world green! Also because the car is completely electronic there is absolutely no air-pollution coming from this car, and you know what that means? No grime build up in the cars system, which means no oil-changes, 12% more efficient and that means more money for you! Finally because we've worked so hard to make you enjoy this car so much, we added extra insulation so less sound, heat and light can escape from your car, so again that means 10% more efficiency. With a grand-total of 72% efficiency this car is sure to make all your dreams come true!