Friday Flash Forward

Focusing on the Future - December 22nd to January 9th

We wish you a happy and stress-free holiday break and a happy new year!

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Monday, December 22nd

  • A Day
  • No Faculty Meeting - Use time for last minute shopping
Tuesday, December 23rd
  • B Day
  • ALL Enrichments - Student Locker Clean Out
  • 1:51 CPT

December 24th to January 4th

  • Christmas Vacation

We wish everyone a relaxing, memorable holiday season. See you in the New Year!

Upcoming Weekly Schedule:

Monday, January 5th

  • A Day
  • 1:51 pm - Combined Faculty Meeting - Villa Nova Cafeteria due to first day of after school programs

Tuesday, January 6th

  • B Day
  • 1:51 pm - CPT

Wednesday, January 7th

  • A Day
  • 1:51 pm - TDT

Thursday, January 8th

  • B Day
  • Villa Nova - CCA at 8th grade lunches to recruit workers for their summer programs

Friday, January 9th

  • A Day

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