Sixth Grade Newsletter

September 18, 2016

Dear Parents,

Here's what's happening this week at school.


I'd like to remind parents of my first and second hour classes that book orders are due on Wednesday. We have word study and vocabulary quizzes every Friday so look for their reading notebooks to come home Thursday nights to study for Friday quizzes.


Pen pal letters were due Friday so they can be sent to the Republic of Congo.

This week we will be working on writing to describe a place. Students will look at several mentor texts and have an opportunity to do some research.

Social Studies

We celebrated Constitution Day on Friday; be sure to ask your student who the Framers were and what they did. We will continue our study of the continents of the world; students should have our iBook downloaded on their iPads.


Last week, students worked on dividing multi-digit numbers, prime factorization, finding the least common multiple, and finding the greatest common factor. They have homework from last week that is due on Monday.

Page 9 (2-6,10-12), Page 15(2-6), Page 19(2-9), and Page 25 (1-18).

This week, students will apply the greatest common factor to help problem solve. They will also work with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals


Students have been working in groups to collect data using "Rocket-Copters". We will use this data to discuss variables. We will be looking at constants and variables within various scientific investigations.
HOMEWORK: students will be responsible for completing and turning in all in-class work. Any work not completed will need to be completed outside of school.

Cross Country

It's not too late for students to join Cross Country, coached by Mr. Paul Gelderblom. Practice is at the elementary school after school.


September 28: Picture Day

October 14: Grandfriend's Day


Mrs. Pott's Class: Music

Mr. Hopkins' Class: Health


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