Politic Scandals In 2013

Top 5

#1 Government Shut Down

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Due to budget cuts, the government was shut down temporarily in 2013. I chose this, because my Dad is an Air Force instructor, and due to the government shut down, he had to work, but did not get paid until the government was reopened. The government shutdown definitely made it to the top politic scandal, because it impacted so many people.

#2 www.helthcare.gov is Not Responding

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The Obama healthcare website has had a lot of problems getting people their insurance during 2013, barely anyone could use the website! I chose this as the second top political scandal, because the website problems caused so many delays in people being able to schedule doctor appointments, or get a healthcare plan.

#3 Obama Lies

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In 2013 President Obama lied about his healthcare system claiming that "If you like your insurance plan, then you can keep it." However, it proved to not be true when people joined Obama Care and had to give up their insurance. I chose this one as the third top political scandal, because it was a very bad lie that affected several peoples lives when they signed up for Obama Care planing to keep their insurance.

#4 Obama uses the IRS

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President Obama used the IRS to target his political enemies. I chose Obama using the IRS as the fourth top political scandal in 2013, because it was an awful act to make the IRS punish people who just do not like Obama as president. This revoked the first amendment (the freedom of speech) by telling the IRS to target people who simply did not agree with President Obama.

#5 Benghazi Attack

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In 2013, an investigation revealed that President Obama lied to cover up the Benghazi Attack claiming the attack was not a terrorist attack, but an result of a video. I chose this as the fifth political scandal in 2013, because it is terrible that President Obama would not admit that the Benghazi Attack was a terrorist attack.