Longhorn Stampede

(For 1/25/21-1/29/21 ) Learn. Empower. Accept. Develop.

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Thursday, January 28 - MISD Strategic Plan Town Hall Meeting: 6:00-7:30 pm, MHS

Tuesday, February 2 - Progress Reports go Home

Tuesday, February 9 - Garden Day for Kindergarten/PK

Friday, February 12 - Student Holiday/Staff Development Day

Monday, February 15 - District Holiday

Thursday, February 25 - MISD Strategic Plan Town Hall Meeting: 6:00-7:30 pm, LCHS

Tuesday, March 9 - Garden Day for 5th Grade

March 15 - 19 Spring Break

Wednesday, March 24 - Spring Pictures

Thursday, March 25 - MISD Strategic Plan Town Hall Meeting: 6:00-7:30 pm, ESC

Tuesday, March 30 - Report Cards go Home

Friday, April 2 - District Holiday

Tuesday, April 13 - Garden Day for 4th Grade

Tuesday, April 20 - Progress Reports go Home

Wednesday, April 28 - 1 pm Elementary Early Release

Tuesday, May 18 - Garden Day for 3rd Grade

Monday, May 24 - 1 pm Elementary Early Release

Tuesday, May 25 - 1 pm Elementary Early Release

7 Habits at Home: Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood: Listen Before You Talk!

Steps to being an active listener and better understanding family and friends:

  • I listen to others without interrupting.
  • I listen to other people’s ideas and feelings.
  • I look other people in the eye when listening and talking.
  • I try to see things from other people’s viewpoint.

Nurse Notes

Dear Lone Star Families,

It does not look like we will have the beautiful sunshiney weekend weather we had last weekend. I am happiest when I am outside in the fresh air and sunshine. This is common for lots of us and science support this with numerous studies linking Vitamin D and health. There is some evidence linking higher Vitamin D3 levels and immunity from Covid or decrease in Covid symptoms. We will have to stock up on sunshine next week when we can get it. Recommendations are 10-15 minutes a day minimum, exposing as much skin as possible without sunscreen from 10am-3 pm . More time may be needed depending on melanin content, season, and latitude.

Eating nutrient rich foods naturally containing Vitamin D can raise our blood levels also. These include oily fish like salmon, egg yolks, mushrooms, and dairy. I have a great recipe for salmon patties that are baked in the oven on a cookie sheet with a little oil. They get crispy and even my fish hating spouse will dip them in ketchup and not complain about a fish smelling kitchen. If your kids are not egg eaters, do they like pudding? I made a chocolate pie for Christmas, using my rural east Texas grandmother-in-laws homemade recipe. It had lots of egg yolks and milk. Wow! It was so creamy and rich! It made the box pudding, which my own children called "homemade", taste like watery chocolate milk. I don't know too many school aged kids that will eat mushrooms. Maybe if they are old enough to help wash, slice, and stir fry, with a parent an elbow away, and some tasty Asian sauce to dip, they could be brave and try a few of those fun guys...?

Talk to your doctor if you are interested in taking Vitamin D supplements for yourself or your children. There is such a thing as Vitamin D intoxication. You want to be sure you are not taking too much of a good thing.

Thank you, parents, for the thorough health screening of your kids every morning before school. Thank you for reaching out to us if you are unsure about a situation. It helps so much to talk thru all the details. Please check out the MISD page about free Covid testing. Please check out clinic web page with lots of great resources about above topic and other fun facts.



Monica Lemke, R.N.

LSE School Nurse


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Weekly COVID Positive Case Notification

Dear Lone Star Elementary Parents and Staff,

This week, we were notified that two individuals in our building tested positive for COVID-19. The last dates these individuals were on campus were:

1 - January 8, 2021

1 - January 12. 2021.

There is no concern with close contact at this time. A close contact is defined as someone within 6 feet of the individual for 15 minutes or longer without protective face coverings or someone who was directly exposed to infectious secretions. We feel it is our responsibility to keep our parents and staff informed as much as possible during this time. Disinfecting of the building continues to happen on a nightly basis. Teachers and staff are diligently cleaning commonly touched surfaces throughout the day according to TEA Guidelines.

We are taking every step possible to stop the spread to others. If you are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, we strongly encourage you to consult with your health care provider and communicate with your campus nurse. We will continue to monitor the situation and report required information to the Montgomery County Health Department.


Lone Star Elementary Administration