By: Daniel McArthur, Cj Noblezado

Important Information

The important information in this case was the use of eminent domain (the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use). This is important because they state took someones house just so they could build a mall and get money in the economy. The problem with that is a mall is privately owned.

Major Issue

Major issues for this case are that a person who didn't want to sell their house was forced to lose their house. Another major issue is that the court passed the case for it to happen when the mall was privately owned. One more issue was that the city bought land for the mall even knowing that the person didn't want to sell her home but the city was going to force her to give up her home for a mall. Another major issue is that the private developers were going to profit off a person land.

How did U.S. and Law Change

No law changed because Kelo lost the case because the court said the mall was for "public use" so they were allowed to take the land.