Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

Raise awareness and equality!

What is the bill?

An act to standardize marriage amongst all sexual preferences so that there would be less discrimination. It is also to raise awareness and equality, and to respect the rights and freedoms of different individuals.

Why do we need this bill?

  1. Many people are not accepted in society due to their sexual preference, some of which who are tend to want to live their lives normally. Those who seek to get married and want children are able to turn to adoption so that they may gain the rights of legal parents.
  2. Marriage between the same sex opens may doors for the couples, one of those can be the rights to equal property ownership.
  3. Some benefits which are exclusive to married couples such as health benefits, social security, and much more will be available to people of the same sex with the help of this bill.

Problems this bill faces?

Although many people in society might dislike this bill or the thought of same sex marriage, all which can derive from many different view points. i believe that every human should have the right to marry who they want to and not be discriminated for it, as stated under the charter of rights and freedoms. This right should be respected.